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AceMoneyHomeScreen-webThis is as you are hopefully aware is a review site, primarily focused on solutions that I use both in my business and my life, unlike many other ‘review’ sites that are really just affiliate sites, moneymakerexaminer contains only the products that I use, have used and some that I won’t be doing again.

Yes, many offer affiliate rewards but not all, you’d be surprised just how badly organised some affiliate programs are and of course many are totally free. These are after all the solutions I use Free has a nice sound to it, especially when its a great solution as well.

As we grow as either people or marketers, for some of you like me it maybe both, we discover new lessons to implement and utilize to improve the experiences of those we engage with and of course our own lives.

One key lesson that I  am taking on board is the real purpose of marketing.

This is of course the pre-sell and this is an important point to remember when you are writing either reviews or marketing copy.

Why do I mention this?

The point of a review site is to presell not to flog every benefit or feature of the item under consideration to death, you may have felt I was doing this on previous reviews, as I forgot this most important point!

With that in mind lets get back to the subject matter.

The one thing apart from love that makes the world go around is of course money, or unfortunately for many of us the requirement for more of it.

Financial happiness, peace of mind and security comes from knowing that you are able to cover your bills, provide for your dependents and have a way to ensure this continues for the foreseeable future.

This also means you can safely budget for your online business without forcing your family to go hungry.

I have tried many software options to achieve the first and second steps but far too many forget that their audience are not trained bookkeepers or accountants.

Most likely your financial activities are similar to mine, earn, spend and sometimes even save!

Thus to record these transactions, I use AceMoney from MechCAD Software and have been doing for several years.

This software will allow you to manage all of your accounts whether Current, Saving or Credit Card and loan liabilities, each of these can be monitored and accessed from the home page for balances and total financial standing.

When it comes to your bills, each of these can be pre-scheduled at a frequency and interval pattern to allow you to forget about recording these transactions, this brings us nicely to the next point which for me  is a vital feature.

Once all your bills are being automatically recorded and you have been using this to record your earning plus savings for a while you will be able to see the main benefit of this software that I use.AceMoneyCashflow-web

Surviving until your next pay day!

This may sound over dramatic but if you desire to make the most of your weekend the last thing you want is to have both a physical and financial hangover on Monday.

With the  Account view you can clearly see your future outgoings by date and quickly calculate the amount of spare money available for that great weekend.

There is also the ability to balance your accounts to ensure that each transaction was made by you. Even if you only have the receipt in your pocket and no clue at what time of the weekend it was spent, you can quickly highlight any fraudulent activity by comparing AceMoney against these receipts and your financial statements.

Now as we are talking about managing money lets reveal how much you will have to invest.

Absolutely nothing.

Well that is for the Lite version which allows you to manage 2 accounts. The full version works with an unlimited number of accounts and it is one of the best $39 investments I have made.

You can take a look at the other features and try out the Lite version for free here:


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