With any new product comes the promise of eternal salvation from all of your problems. However, you and I both know that many of the products that we have come to use rarely live up to this promise.

As an Internet marketer I am all too aware of the dangers of stepping over the line and over-selling a service, which is why I have created this site.

The list of products and services that I have used in the past is a very long tale of un-fulfilled promises and false hopes. However, there are a number of services that have prevailed and still are in active use by myself and many others, these are the products and services that I will be suggesting you take a look at.

They work for me and have made my Internet efforts far simpler, do bear in mind that the review will be based upon how I use the product or service and the features I use. These will not be complete reviews as it is unlikely that I use every feature and I cannot recommend something I do not use.

Keep things simple and enjoy your life everything  else is just a way to achieve this goal.

If you want to know more about igor Griffiths, click on the link below. Please note, the lower case i in igor is an intentional error, I just do not like the look of igor with a capital I.