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igorGriffiths August 8, 2012 0

audacityEditing is an important skill that all marketers and entrepreneurs need to master, whether that is text, video or audio, it is essential that you master the basics of editing.

This is a key point because unless working with media files is your primary function it is not necessary to master the entire functionality of your chosen editing software.

Why do I mention this?

Well the software I use will if you think you need to master it completely scare the pants off you!

Audacity is the free audio editing software of choice for every marketer I know however it has masses of functionality and menus that I have never ventured into because I have no reason to.

So what do I use this software for?audacity-delete

Firstly one of the great ways to connect with other marketers is by  engaging with them via interviews using Skype and a voice recorder such a Pamela. Once the call is completed it is good practice to remove the interviewees repetitive holding sounds from the mp3 or wav file, such as emm, err or even basically!

This is very simple to do, by just selecting and deleting the desired audio portion.

It is then just a matter of repeating this process until you have removed all the errors created an audio that you and the interviewee can be proud of.

Of course the problem with recording is background noise that will over time irritate the listener and perhaps even if its loud enough mask some of your dialogue. The method that Audacity uses to remove this noise is super simple and super effective.

As you can see from the image, there are multiple tracks which can be either mono or stereo in nature and you can easily stack audios to create some very powerful and unique effects.

I mentioned that you may need to work with wav files, this is where Audacity comes unstuck as it cannot export to mp3 files without some help from a plugin called Lame which is also free, once you have this you are able to export your creations into the worlds most popular audio format.

If podcasting is your thing then this is where the power of Audacity really comes into its own.

For an engaging podcast you will need intro branding, transitions, short sharp content and closing audio, you could of course also place advertising audio as well to increase your podcasts revenue potential.

We have already discussed how to edit audio the other key feature you will need is fading which is a technique that audacity has several options to consider, from fade in/out or cross fade the potential to create a unique podcast from these options is only limited by your imagination.

Thus if you ever intend to record any audio, you need Audacity in your marketing toolbox which you can do here

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