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blog writer Windows Live Writer <DH6B6G2676GR> The Windows Live Writer software is designed for blog writers that love to create content when the mood and inspiration takes them without the need to log into the destination site for this flash or inspiration.

This software has been designed by Microsoft and is totally free from trial periods or any future costs which both make pleasant surprises.

Alright so you can already create posts within your site or your blog, after all WordPress comes with an acceptable post editor so why use this additional software?

If I stood next to you and demanded that you write a post now, how would you react?

I am guessing your response would be like mine, your creative juices would turn to ice and there would be no post until you had managed to thaw your creativity.

I already mentioned this effect in my review of text formatter plus which is designed for writing emails or newsletters. You see, I have found that the process of opening a browser and entering your login details is just as effective in killing your inspiration and creativity as having your boss or me lurking over your shoulder.

This is why I use Windows Live Writer and why I recommend you do also, you are free to create when the mood takes you and the only interruption is the time taken for the software to open.

Once inside you will find that it looks like any other post 2007 Microsoft Office Product with of course a few specialist tweaks for creating posts and articles. The first of these is that you can tailor your creativity to suit the theme of your site which is achieved by downloading your theme settings, this allows you to create content just as if you were  writing inside your site, without of course the disruption to your creativity.

However I must admit that downloading your blog settings does not always work, this seems to affect free themes more than paid ones but even with this glitch you can still create and upload to your site without any drama.

If you have been following my advice on this and my other blogs then you will have a library of images and videos ready to be used for your creations without any licensing issues.

Those images that are appropriate to the content of your creative juices can be placed strategically throughout the post and the layout verified prior to publishing on your site, this also applies to videos. However as I use flowplayer for my videos, I add videos after the draft version has been sent to my site.

How much should you write is a common creativity question and the answer is of course super simple.

You should continue to write until you have covered all of the points you want to make but of course if get carried away then you may need to pare the content back. Windows Live Writer has an editing section that includes spell checking, word count and content finder utilities which makes editing and proof reading super simple.

I have mentioned that you can upload the content to your site but how is this achieved?

This is where you have to open your blog to external content via a the Settings>Writing panel this is not asblog writers Windows Live Writer blog connection scary as it sounds as you will have to enter your WordPress login details to allow Windows Live Writer to communicate with your blog.

One tip on WordPress site security here, as you can see in the image, I have completely deleted the post via email settings, these are filled in by default which means that someone could use these default setting to  gain access to your site. Of course with XML-RPC enabled you have also opened a vulnerability for your site but for me the advantages far outweigh the minimal risk that this creates.

To mitigate this risk, with this software you can save your posts onto your computer so should the worst happen then at least you will have a copy of each post ready to be re-posted once your sites phoenix rises from the flames of hacking or corruption.

The free Windows Live Writer software will allow you to write content or even parts of content when the mood takes you without having to go through the hassle of venturing into the cloud to gain access to your sites content creation facilities. This ultimately means that the quality of your content will increase as you return to enjoying the process of content creation.

I recommend this software which can be obtained here from Microsoft and of course you now know that I actually use this software as the content in the first image is the very content that you have just read.

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