Business Evolution Towards Failure

igorGriffiths September 5, 2012 0

Giant-tortoise-web_sxc_eschu1952-notifyDo you lack freewill in your business?

This question is not expecting the answer that you may instinctively reply with.

I am not talking about the nature of your boss or the fact that by business design, you are at the center of all that your business creates.

What I am talking about it co-evolution.

This is where seemingly independent organisms are actually bound together through mutual benefit and specialization that ties their fates together.

Okay so you may remember this from childhood biology lessons but what has that got to do with business?

Lets talk article spinning.

This is a classic example of co-evolution, when article directories held great sway and article marketing was the tactic of choice, article spinning evolved alongside each directory to maximize the benefit for their mutual users.

Of course the problem with co-evolution is that birds of a feather that stick together die together.

Just as low quality article directories have been pushed into the long grass so have their co-evolved spinning services, very few marketers are talking about either of these today.

Why mention this on a review site?

When you select a tactic or a service, co-evolution is something you need to consider and beware of.

I have yet to write a review of Lujure. If you have not heard of this service it has evolved alongside Facebook Pages to make their creation super simple and fast. Yet as we begin to see the first signs of Facebook’s decline, what will become of Lujure and its fee paying users, is there a new king waiting in the wings?

Does Lujure have an escape plan?

The services that I choose, use and recommend are predominantly fully independent existing without a co-evolved partner, this is what you should be looking for as well when it comes to your long term plans.

However on the flip side, if you recognize the problem with co-evolved services and are prepared to milk an opportunity for all its worth. Then as long as you have an end date and escape plan already agreed then there is no problem in using these opportunities that have an obvious limited shelf life. Just do not go wailing in the forums and blogs when the day of reckoning approaches.

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