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best ftp program

Core ftp LE is a program that makes transferring files between computers and servers easy and quick. I have trialled many of them and for me it is the best ftp program.

It comes in various versions but for you and me, all we need to know is that it comes in paid or free versions.

I am a free user and this fulfills all of my needs.

The software was developed by and is still being regularly updated, in fact the latest update was on the 6th of April 2011.

Now as I said, I have tested many of its competitors over the 3 years that I have been using this software and it always came out on top in the long run.

I love this software because it works without you having to know really what you are doing.

In the beginning I tried to use the most recommended one on the market and it drove me crazy, I have tried to return to this recently on the recommendation of some friends and it still had the same effect on me.

Both packages were given the same information and whilst Core just got down to work, Filezilla whined, fired up spurious error messages and really was just a pain to use. I don’t have to worry about settings under the bonnet in Core and there was no way I was going to waste time making Filezilla happy.

ftp client for pcTo get a ftp client to work you will need to provide a site name which can be left to your imagination, plus the technical information that you will have been given by your hosting company.

This includes the domain address for ftp transfers, your username and password.

The great thing is that you can store all of these details and those for any other websites in the site manager window, this will allow you to quickly connect to the desired one with a single click.

Okay so the world has gone all CMS crazy and building websites for most people is no longer a required skill but whilst WordPress is fine for host hosting your sites and blogs, do you really need such a complex system for managing an optin or splash page?


You are building a list?


The key to success with optin pages is to remove all other distractions from the visitor and they need to be single pages that you can quickly create from templates.

Here is the one that I use and it converts really well.

My optin page


Of course now that you have created your optin page you will need to get it online and this is where the Core ftp comes in.

An optin page will never be loved by any of the search engines, as they are static and unchanging pages, thus you will need to send traffic to it.  Internet users will never find this page in the Google results, unless of course they are specifically looking for one of your pages.

ftp software downloadWith this in mind there is no reason to have your optin page on a dedicated domain, a sub-directory of a domain you are already using would be fine.

Select the desired domain in the Site Manager and click connect, after a short period of technical handshaking you will now be able to transfer files to your hosting server.

The right hand window is the remote (server) area, in this you should browse to the directory you wish to use for your optin page. If it does not exist then you do not need to worry, it will in a moment.

The left hand window is the local area (your pc), locate the project folder that contains the optin page files and simply drag this over to the remote window and the transfer will begin.

Now this is one area where Core ftp really beats Filezilla hands down, if you are transferring a massive site, or you are on a poor connection, Filezilla will lose interest and disconnect after 15 minutes. Core on the other hand just gets on with the job and never loses interest or whines about the state of your connection.

I wanted to upload some video files and it took over 20 minutes to transfer these and this was during the period where I was seriously thinking of moving to Filezilla. I quickly gave up on that idea, as only Core managed to complete the transfer.

There are a host of other features but to be honest I never use them, so I am not going to discuss them.

The bottom line is that for most people all they want to do is move files between their computer and their hosting server, this Core FTP LE does really well and with the minimum of fuss and complication.

If you are serious about creating a presence online then you should be doing more than just social media or blogging, you really need to start building a list and alongside a great autoresponder service plus great hosting a reliable ftp client is a must.


I absolutely love Core ftp and I have tried the ‘best’ and soon returned , there is enough complication in your life, why add to it.

There is no Core FTP LE trial because it is totally free, so take action and use the link below to start simplifying your life.


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