How to Write an Email with Text Formatter Plus

igorGriffiths November 30, 2011 1

how to write email with text formatter plusAs marketers we all know that we should be building email lists and engaging with those that subscribe to our lists however this can often feel like a chore rather than the pleasure it should and can be.

I faced this problem and found a solution in Text Formatter plus which is a text editor designed specifically for ezine and email writers like you and me.

This was Created by  Format Blue Software who have a record of producing simple but very powerful solutions and they come highly recommended by such people as Armand Morin and Martin Avis.

I have been using this email solution since September 2010, I took the free 30 day trial on the recommendation of Martin Avis but quickly paid the very low purchase price of $19 to get the full version as I recognised the power and efficiency of using this software

The most important thing in your marketing is your mindset and when creating messages it is essential that you are in a positive and creative frame of mind when you start to write.

What I noticed prior to using this software was that by the time I had logged into my autoresponder and opened their text message editor, my enthusiasm for writing a message had massively reduced and all too often completely evaporated.

This maybe down to the fact you are now ‘trapped’ inside a log in session and hence perhaps your mind feels equally trapped which stifles your creativity.

The alternative is to have this on your PC’s shortcut bar which allows you to quickly start writing your message without having to worry about Internet connections or session time outs.

The Free Alternative

You could of course use a normal text editor but then you would have to format the line width manually and this is a very slow and tedious process which will mean you start to hate writing messages.

Ultimately by taking the free alternative your relationship with your subscribers will suffer as will the income generation potential from your email lists, this could be the most expensive $19 you ever saved..

Releasing Your Creativity

I am sure you have a great message to share with your subscribers and this software makes it easy to create that message

In Text Formatter Plus, you have 3 views,


Original is where you just write without consideration for line width

This leaves you to focus on releasing the creativity trapped inside your mind and where you do all the standard text formatting tasks like selecting fonts, indentation, bullets, word count and of course spell checking. The great thing about the spell checker is that it comes in over 12 languages and if you are an English speaker that includes both US and UK versions with a thesaurus.


This is where you see how the message will look with the line width applied.

If you are happy with your messages appearance then all that is left to do is copy and paste the message into your autoresponders editor and share your creativity with your subscribers.


If you are sharing a recommendation or using a text passage on a regular basis then this is where you can store these.

As your affiliate links and most effective text passages are within easy reach you can get today’s message written far quicker without disturbing your creative mind with boring tasks like searching for links or extracting content from previous messages.

Remove Your Constraints Today

Okay so you want to free your mind of constraints and release your creativity when writing your emails or newsletters then this is the software for you, after all if it is good enough for Armand Morin and Martin Avis then I am sure it is good enough for you.

You can start your 30 free trial by clicking on the link below

Text Formatter Plus Trial

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  1. Jahirul December 4, 2011 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    Those are some great tips to write an email in proper ways with text formatter plus. Most of the people are not yet used to with it. They are yet going in traditional way. Thank you very much for this post.
    Jahirul recently posted..How Liquid Calories May Be Making You Fat… Even Your Favorite Protein Drinks!My Profile

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