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The point of PowerLink Generator is to mask, brand and track the click rate of your links. There are plenty of alternative solutions for each of these features and I have trialled many of these solutions, however none of these alternatives do all 3.

Only when I find a solution that is good enough for me will I recommend it to you.

The main reason for hyperlink masking is to ensure your affiliate code is not revealed and remains intact throughout the customers visit.

By ensuring this you can be confident that you are going to get the commission you deserve for bringing this new customer to the products sales page.

You should only be promoting sites and products that you are proud to sell, after all you want your customers to trust your judgement, thus why not stand up and declare that you are happy to recommend the product.

Let your word become your bond of trust.

This is why PowerLink Generator links are formed using your domain and the phrase, recommends. The following is how my links are branded:

This link ties me directly to the product and highlights that I am happy to put my name to this recommendation. If you are going to promote a product then this should be the case every time.

The key to success is only performing activities that bring you closer to your goals. If you are on the hottest advertising site on the Internet, this does not guarantee that your links are being clicked.

The only way to know which sites are working for you is by tracking their click rates.

This tracking is grouped into 7 levels in PowerLink Generator, starting with today and yesterday then this week and this month, after this comes last month and this year, with last year being the final category. Each of these levels can be reset if needed, the most likely reason for this would be after you have tested the link during the setup process.

The click rate depends upon your headline and the text in the promotion, thus if there are no clicks recorded, you now know that you have to improve one or both of these.

Now with the hyperlink masking, branding and tracking covered, lets illustrate how PowerLink Generator can be used for a complete campaign.

Quickly creating affiliate campaigns with PowerLink Generator

First off name the campaign with the product title, the advertising site name plus a site code made of up to 4 characters.

The link text name needs to be less than 20 characters, I use the product name followed by the site code. This explains the strange characters at the end of the branding example above.

The tracked URL is your affiliate or destination link address.

Drop cookie for affiliate link, if there is a sign up process but you want your customers to go direct to the sales page then this is the option for you. I have never yet found a need to use this option but it is there should the need arise.

Pop-ups, I never use these for 2 reasons. One they are irritating and this is not what you want to do to your customer, secondly due to the amount of popup blockers built into most modern browsers, you can never be certain that your pop up will work.

Hyperlink masking is the process of hiding the affiliate code on the starting page, this code will however be revealed on the destination site. I prefer to cloak my links, as this will keep your affiliate code hidden from view.

However you need to test your cloaked links as I know from experience that not every site will accepts these. Facebook, for example will not allow cloaked links to progress to their destination. Instead, you get directed to blank screen with a Facebook logo, which you have to click on to continue, strange events encourage people to abandon transactions and thus I no longer use cloaking with any Facebook links.

The masked code will be sufficient for most transactions, the cloak is just an extra layer of security to deter the commission thieves.

The affiliate program info is self explanatory and is there as a reminder of the site details so you can track and return to the site that is hosting the affiliate product.

After you have clicked add, this first site will be saved, always ensure to check that the masked or cloaked link works.

Now that you have setup your affiliate program for the first site, do a search for this campaign using the product title, then click on the clone link.

This will allow you to rapidly setup unique tracking links for each site. You want to do this so you can see exactly which sites are giving the best results.

All you need to do is use the same text name but add the new site code then for the campaign name use the same product title, the new advertising site name plus the site code. All the rest of the information of course remains the same.

This is the main reason why I have stopped using all the other tracking systems and am now happy to recommend PowerLink generator as it makes setting up and running campaigns very quick, easy and secure.

If you are an affiliate then I recommend using this system as you too can quickly setup campaigns, protect your income streams, monitor which sites are working and manage your affiliate programs all from one central place.

The final bonus is that you will be hosting this on your own domain thus you will not have to worry about this software being discontinued in the future, once you have made the purchase you are 100% totally in control of your system.

Start today and protect your income streams by clicking on the following link:

This is not my link as this is an old service that I no longer use.

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  1. Caleb November 24, 2011 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    This would definitely be helpful for promoting affiliate offers to your email list, to track the amount of clicks your link got, and to make your links look more brandable, official, and better. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Caleb recently posted..WordPress Security Part 1 – Protecting Login InformationMy Profile

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