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notepad  webIf you use your computer for anything other than gaming then you will at sometime taken notes on a scrap of paper and promptly lost them. There is a default solution to this in Notepad provided as part of the Microsoft Windows software however it is dated and seriously lacking in features, this is where Notepad++ came into my life

This brilliant piece of software is plain text editor just like Notepad and is created by the team at Notepad++

I have been using this software for several years but have never paid a penny for it, this does not make me a criminal it is amazingly supplied for free but you  can contribute by purchasing their branded thong(?), via this link…Contribute to the Cause

I have not taken them up on this option!

So why is it so much better than the default Windows option?
If you take a look at the image you will see that the main feature of this text editor is that you can have multiple text files available at the same time and switch seamlessly between them. You can also re-organise these to suit your needs

But if that is all it cannot do then why should you be impressed, well thankfully this is no  one trick pony.

I use this program to store my frequently used files or ones that I need in a hurry.

notepad_  For instance the 3rd tab is called standard code and contains sample html code. In here I have code blocks that cover everything from YouTube embedding through web page code to iTunes xml feeds.

This ensures that when I need to add html I can quickly pick the right block for the job without having to re-invent the wheel every time.

As an article writer the 4th tab contains my templates for writing articles and reviews, this review was written using one of those templates. Once this review was written I check the word count using the Textfx word count and the spelling using the spell checker plugin, which is available in several languages. This ensures that I have written more than enough to meet the requirements of the article sites but have not gone too far.

If you are a marketer looking to create text ads then this is the tool for you. Starting with a vague long idea of the killer phrase, you can quickly tweak and trim the phrase until it matches the limits set by the advertising site, typically between 26 and 70 characters. Of course once you have placed your ad you may never look at this again until you decide to see if you can improve it.

With a non multi-tab text editor you will have to remember where you saved the ad, the multi-tab feature removes this problem as  it will always be there until you decide to close it, which removes it from the displayed files shown every time you open Notepad++

I run a small company in the UK and each week I have to follow a process for paying my staff and sorting out the files for my bookkeeper, as these are weekly tasks it makes sense to have them easily to hand and with Notepad++ it is so.

notepad_plus_sqlwebIf you are a programmer then this text editor is the one for you as it is very tolerant some of the character coding used in certain languages. I have come experienced instances where all I could see were special character in notepad, then when I viewed the same file in notepad++ the true code was shown. Even if the code does appear, as the photo shows the code is far easier on the eye when you use this software rather than the default option.

There are many more features available but as I use this primarily as a text editor and unfortunately every now and again to rebuild corrupted blogs this is the software that I call first to help me get my tasks done with the least amount of drama and in the quickest time.

This software is free to download by clicking here  and thus apart from the very short time it takes to install it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I totally recommend this software, it has survived the numerous culls I have undertaken on my software library when I realise that I am storing programs that are either redundant or unnecessary.

You will quickly wonder how you ever managed without Notepad++, try it and keep it for free today by following the link below:

Notepad++ Free to Download and use

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