Planning Your Journey

igorGriffiths October 6, 2011 1

Planning Your JourneyAs the quote says, if you do not know where you are going then any destination will do.

Of course if you have a dream lifestyle that you wish to make a reality then any destination is most definitely not what you want to achieve.


However to travel in a focussed and personalised direction, you must have a clear path in mind and this is where business planning comes in, sounds really boring and perhaps you have tried before and got nowhere.

This is where mind mapping comes into its own and which is why I use and recommend Xmind.

Mind mapping and building a business plan can only happen through taking action so the best way to illustrate the power of Xmind and why I love it so much is through a video which I have made for you below.
[flowplayer src=]


As a gift I have attached my process map template with a short video on how to use it.

DownLoad Here

Team Work Leads to Success

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