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igorGriffiths April 19, 2012 2

cowherd_webSo you went to bed and are in the middle of a great sleep, there is a violinist sitting at the bottom of your bed playing soothing classical music, you are not sure where he came from but hey ho, he is helping you sleep so you leave answering that question for later.

Then it happens.

The digital equivalent of having a defibrilator attached to your chest, the alarm sounds, the violin player quickly disappears and you are left lying in your bed with the prospect of a new day with fresh challenges.

You are now at your most crucial part of the day, get it wrong here and the rest of the day could all go wrong.
This is where Remember the Milk comes in, this is a task manager that works on pretty much every platform that you could wish for and I have it on my Android phone which also monitors just how soothing that violinist made my sleep but that is another product for another time.

The first thing I do after being awoken at the best time thanks to that sleep monitor and crucially before the defibriliator pounds my chest is to check my daily task list which means I start with the first question of the day already answered.

“What do I need to do today?”

Once you know that first task you can let your brain begin working whilst you stumble in the general direction of breakfast.

This is the primary reason I love Remember the Milk, it is always there ready to keep me focussed on my daily activity.

Scheduling tasks is done using real words and times with categories that make sense to you. For instance if you need to meet your partner for lunch on Tuesday at 1pm then that is how you enter it into the application, the system understands that you mean the next available Tuesday. You can of course set lunch up for every Tuesday if you so wish and that is just as easy.

You could also of course for those days when you are not eating out use this as evidence that really today it is not your turn to do the dishes!

For those running a business then there are crucial features available to keep your team all working in the same direction. You can share, send and publish their required tasks to ensure they have no excuses for getting the wrong things right.

This application can be tested for free and I recommend that you do by visiting the Remember the Milk website, as it is a beautifully simple solution that will fit quickly into your daily routine with or without the mystery violinist!

If you run a household or a business the benefits are the same, you can make everyone aware of what they are supposed to be dong and keep it all in a master plan with a list for each member of the team

I upgraded to the pro version which at $25 per year was hardly a big financial decision but allows you to synchronise your diary across all of your devices so instantly you have access to the most up to date version everywhere, including your online account.

The best way to see the power of Remember the Milk is to try if for free here and I would be amazed if you did not bring this into your daily routine

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  1. Derek Maak July 22, 2012 at 5:27 pm - Reply

    Hey Igor,

    I’ve never heard of “Remember The Milk” before, but sounds like a great way to stay on task. I definitely find I get a lot more accomplished each day if I have a list of things I need to do rather than just waking up and trying to “wing it”.
    Derek Maak recently posted..Rules For Texting Your Ex Girlfriend Or Ex BoyfriendMy Profile

    • igorG July 27, 2012 at 1:17 pm - Reply

      Remember the milk is a great way to record to do items however since writing the review I have now started to use Google Calendar as my primary time manager as it allows me to plan my week out graphically and thus can see where the bottle necks are.

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