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igorGriffiths August 1, 2012 2

3dman_gonofurther_dreamstime_xs-300x289There are of course an infinite number of ways to make money online but there is one that every marketer will likely turn to at some point in their career.

This also has the added benefit of being a place where you can finally secure those precious gifts you offer in exchange for an email address, I am of course talking about membership sites.

I have tried a few WordPress membership scripts with the most popular being Wishlist Member, I actually spent over a year on and off trying to get this to work how I wanted and even a fan of this script admitted it has serious issues.

Lets stay on a positive note and discuss the solution I am now using and will continue to use for the foreseeable future, this is also the solution that Martin Avis recommended and he is a marketer we should all listen to.easymemberpro-web

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Easy Member Pro.

The first thing to note with this software is that it does not rely upon WordPress or any other external content management system (CMS) to work, everything you need is included in the purchase and that of course brings me to the next point.

This is not a free option, this may put you off but if you are serious about making money with your business then you should invest in the options that will give you the best return for the least effort, free options will make money most likely through compulsory links on your site which you have no control over, I will leave you to consider the possible implications of that.

Lets return to Easy Member Pro

The installation is super simple and really does take very little time, there is the option to pay for the install which is good idea if you want to focus on creativity and let others deal with the technicalities.

Once inside the admin area you will be presented with a well laid out menu that makes it clear about what you need to do. Start with the Settings options to define how your membership site looks and interacts with its members and the outside world.

Member management has its own dedicated section and is self explanatory but also includes the options to import and export members.

Without great content your site is worthless and will soon be deserted by any unfortunate soul you have convinced to enter into your wilderness. Page management allows you to create content within the site using the graphical or html editor, you also have the option to import your own html code however here comes the first word of caution. As this is script is focussed on protecting your content there are some deviations required from standard html to make certain actions work correctly, thankfully the customer support is run by the software creator and thus is able to offer quick and personalised solutions to many of the required deviations.

Of course if the content is not protected then the site is worthless and this is actually the reason I abandoned WishList Member, the supposed secure folders were anything but secure and yes I had set them up in accordance with their instructions.

With Easy Member Pro you have 2 distinct sections, the protected area and the public, the content you wish to be protected is done without any effort from you once you place this content into the correct area of the Page Management section.

As this script is still developing but doing so from a very strong base the number of features is sure to grow as will the range of plugins.

Finally of course any online business should be focussed on making money and the best way to do this is to get others to generate customers for you, they are of course known as affiliates, as with all the other important areas there is a section dedicated to this.

You can set the cookie life, sale percentage and payment methods, Paypal of course being the most sensible option there is also the ability to create affiliate resource pages and email your affiliates directly.

If you are looking for a membership script or have had enough of Wish List Member then I would recommend you do the same as I have done and switch to Easy Member Pro here

** Update**

During the creation of my first installation, I encountered several issues that were not covered in the manual but were quickly answered by the great support team, here are the issues and their solutions.

  • Cron code ‘lynx -dump’ not recognised by Hostgator
  • Instead use the following code ‘php your sites url to cron.php’
  • Hyperlinking to protected contents without revealing its url
  • Use the file id with the following short code to cloak the real url: ‘<a href=”../fileprotect.php?id=12″>Text</a>
  • The forum is closed to new members
  • This membership script and its support area are currently in the process of being revamped thus for the moment the forum is closed to new registrations

As you can see there was not many blocks I encountered to getting my site created and this is one of the reasons why I strongly recommend this script if you are serious about getting your site up quickly.

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  1. Alvita September 14, 2012 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the info/advice here, am glad to hear that it’s simples to install, being a newbie I haven’t reached geek status yet tee hee.

    • igorG September 19, 2012 at 2:35 pm - Reply

      I met the people behind this software at a meetup in London but for far too long persisted with Wishlist Member even though many friends recommended this service. Even if you are not ready to use Easy Member Pro the good news is that they have plans to make this script even better and so it is sure to become even easier for non geeks to setup!

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