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copyright sxc mikekorn

copyright sxc mikekorn

A good idea is worth nothing unless it’s delivered

There’s an overwhelming range of hosting options to deliver your great ideas so which one should you choose.

In an earlier post, Hostgator Ambitions Unlimited, I recommended that hosting company, unfortunately it would appear that they are in the process of being slimmed down to maximize profits.

Now that they are no longer owned by their founder the new owners true to their reputation have begun to reduce the customer experience to increase the bottom line which is why I no longer use or recommend them.

However moving on carries risks and I found the hard way that not all hosting services are equal and some are not even real hosting services.


Moving on From Hostgator


Initially I switched to Smackhunt who promised a lot and failed to deliver.

Unlimited disk space became very limited which meant I had to spend far too much time on space management rather than marketing or product development.

After this I found a gem on the webhostingtalk forum called Crocweb.

They were completely transparent about the features of their hosting packages and their pricing.

Despite them being attacked and hacked they managed to maintain a good level of service which after my previous nightmare, I was very happy with and would happily have continued with.

That is when my new mentor John Thornhill stepped in.

The problem with hosting is that for most of us we never really stress test our hosting provider with a large scale launch and its only when its too late, we realize our hosting choice is not up to the tasks being asked of it.

Now because online business owners like John have launched several highly successful products they know only too well what happens when you stress test a weak hosting service.

Which is why when John said I should switch hosting again, I did without questioning his advice.

Thus I have now moved over to D9 and for reasons I have expressed earlier my hosting is now based in the UK which means its covered by English law rather than the more contrarian US version.

Thus if you are actively looking for a new hosting company or are beginning to have doubts about your current one, I would recommend going with the hosting option that has been stress tested by many highly successful marketers and their launches.

Click here to take a look at D9 and what this stress tested service can do for you.


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