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I have been a member of the TrafficWave autoresponder service since April 2009 and am a very satisfied customer. LLC was formed in 2000 by Brian Rooney and as this is his core area of focus he is very active in bringing new features and services to his customers on a regular basis.

This is very much an autoresponder service that is focussed on responding to its users needs and values.

I have no problem recommending this service not least because it charges a flat fee for life, once the free 30 day trial is complete but more importantly, it is far more than just another autoresponder service. The automated email functionality is just one of the 5 dedicated marketing elements that are available to you.

Of course the core funtion of an autoresponder is to deliver targeted email messsages and this is one of its strengths with a very high verified delivery rate. I checked this claim and found that Watchguard gave them a 100% rating for deliverability with 98.5% of messages being considered free from spam or viral content.

If you take care in setting up your automated email marketing series, you can plan a messsage for every possible subscriber reaction. If you achieve this, you can really stay engaged with your reader even if they do not take the original offer.

The one unqiue feature I like is the copy subscriber option, you can have several free gifts generating subscribers into dedicated lists, each of these new subscribers can be copied into your main messaging series, whilst still remaining in their original list.Of course the question is that when someone subscribes to your list, are they subscribing to you or the gift topic?

I think it is to you, which is why this copy function is far more sensible.

They also offer the option to host squeeze pages for you which means you can start building a list without having your own site.

The only limitation you have in life is time, everything else can be overcome with clearer strategies or more focused effort. With this in mind it is important that you do not waste any of this most precious resource on activities that are not producing the results that you had hoped for. This why I love the adtracker element, with this you can monitor the click through rate for any link you place on the Internet, regardless of its starting or ending point.

Having gained this knowledge, you can instantly see the effectiveness of any advertisement campaign and of course from this you can determine which sites and adverts are worth re-using in your campaigns. Once you get used to using this feature you can begin to validate your proposed paid advertising campaigns. If the free version of the ad is converting viewers into visitors then it is safe to assume that its paid version will have at least a similar level of success.

A common feature you will see in any affiliate advertising campaign tool kit is a set of banners for you to use. Now TrafficWave does run an affiliate scheme but for now I want to discuss programs that you are promoting as an affiliate.

You can promote other marketers services on TrafficWave using the banner ads provided in their campaign tool kit. These will be displayed on your and other members pages plus an ever changing number of advertising networks.

Thus you can track all of your ads whilst promoting other services inside the TrafficWave system and complete all of this from one central location.

With all of these features to discover and optimize, it is important that you are given the resources to achieve this. The training resources provided by TrafficWave enable you to get up and utilising every feature quickly. This is accomplished through the use of clear and concise FAQ pages, tutorials and a series of videos. Of course everyone is different and luckily for you, if the training pages do not totally clarify your question you can ask other active users for their thoughts in the dedicated forum.

As the forum is populated by active members then you can be sure that you will be getting your problem answered from a users perspective. This is a friendly and active forum that welcomes users of all experience levels and Brian is keen to maintain this open and friendly atmosphere. With your questions answered promptly you can focus on getting the most out of your new autoresponder.

I mentioned this earlier and this has proven to be one of my first and most enduring success stories online, the TrafficWave affiliate program.

Unlike other autoresponder affiliate programs this one makes it easy for you to promote their great service, as you are given a dedicated and personalised series of pages to drive traffic to. Using these pages, I have not had to pay for the TrafficWave autoresponder service since April 2010, thanks to my affiliate subscriber.

The affiliate scheme is in the form of a 3 by 10 matrix which means each member can directly recruit 3 members into their first level and benefits financially from these members promotional activity all the way down through a further 9 levels.

Therefore to summarise Trafficwave not only enables you to provide continuous benefit to your subscribers regardless of their buying decisions, it allows you to focus only on the ads and sites that are working for you. You have a members area to share you troubles and successes, whilst discovering what is working for others plus an affiliate scheme that can quickly cover your costs and perhaps provide an income stream for you.

If this sounds of interest to you then please visit  TrafficWave for more information.

I no longer use this service due to the lack of in message link tracking. Now as I have said before TrafficWave is fine as long as you have planned your campaign meticulously before you create the email series and the link tracking. However should you have to amend the order of the messages then it can become very messy which is where I found myself and threw in the towel. 

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    Very good contribution, is essential to implement an autoresponder service, as this helps to keep in touch with your customers 24 hours, so you save the tiresome task of doing it yourself, time is money, automation is vanguard.

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