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feeddemonI am currently on a productivity drive, it all started thanks to Alex Jeffreys and of course Rich Schefren, who recommend oil rig hopping (blog hopping) and working smarter not harder.

The problem with being online is that there is so much you should do and even more you could do. Therefore it is essential that you focus on what is best for your business and not what you feel like doing that morning.

In every sales letter directed to the opportunity seeker is the promise of an easy automated magic button path to success.

Well having talked to many marketers this magic button does exist however it is not what you may have been promised or even thought to look for, the magic button to success is getting to know and work with others.

Crucially this must be done with a spirit of generosity, you should approach them with the intention of  helping them without asking for anything in return.

Of course you have more opportunities to do than you can possibly hope to manage which is where FeedDemon comes into play.

This desktop software is an RSS feed manager, it allows you categorise your feeds into niche topic, highlight sites that are driving traffic to your site whilst identifying sites with new content without having to visit them.

That is the crucial feature in this software, there is little point going to multiple sites if there is nothing for you to comment upon or learn from, you already have enough to do without wasting time on fruitless activities.

Of course you won’t always be in front of your computer but if you take the time to setup this software correctly then you can synchronise your feeds with Google Reader and thus you can happily visit the updated sites from your portable gadgets, of which there are far too many to mention.

Okay so lets take a step back and show you how to gather these feeds into FeedDemon.rss_feed_icon

If you are an Internet marketer you will already have done some research into your niche of choice, so will know who the movers and shakers are in your market. With this information to hand the first step is to visit their site and look for the RSS icon, its generally orange in color and looks like ripples radiating from a central point. That is actually a good description of the power of the RSS feed, the central point of course is your content and the ripples are those that collect and share your RSS feed, this social effect allows your message to spread far and wide.

Unfortunately not all sites display or have an RSS feed which is a big mistake on their part, for just like a sales letter they have only once chance to convert their visitor. With the RSS feed, your visitor can collect your sites information and schedule in a time to take another look at your site, of course they may forget but if you keep adding new content then FeedDemon  will alert them to this new content and perhaps remind them of the stored content.

If the site you visit does not have an RSS feed then there is a way around this, especially if its powered by WordPress.

The image to the right is from, Adrienne provides consistently great content, she also had the sense to add the RSS feed icon however if that was missing you can still check if there is a feed available, WordPress creates an RSS feed by default and you can check this by simply entering the following to the end of the url “/feed/” thus becomes and her RSS feed is displayed.

The next step is to click on the subscribe button in FeedDemon and follow the prompts to add this feed to your collection.

With all of your movers and shakers added it is simply a process of looking for updates during your site hop session and adding value to these posts via the comment box.

Your possiblities with RSS feeds are limited only by you imagination but the first step is to ensure you have a way to manage all of the key sites you need to visit and FeedDEmon is a great way to do this, plus its actually free from the following site,

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