Wardriving & Range Extension High Gain USB WiFi Antenna

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Alfa-AWUSO36H-WFi-Wardriving-AdapterThis product is designed to be used in the car or in whatever you call home, the main goal of this device is to get you connected wirelessly and this is achieved with the use of the inbuilt network adaptor and the 5dBi Antenna.

To clarify, dB stands for decibels which is a logarithmic scale rather than a linear one, that probably did not help so let me explain further.

3dB is twice as powerful as 0dB therefore this device will increase your signal strength by nearly 9 times its original condition because 5 is closer to 6. If this is starting to hurt your head then do not worry, all you need to know is the following.

The Alfa AWUS036H will give you better access to your own Wifi connection and allow you to see those that you did not know existed.

I live in a rented downstairs extension at the back of a house whilst the WiFi hub is located upstairs at the front of the house. The only way this could be any worse is if  it was an old house built with solid Victorian bricks or perhaps a mansion with me living in the 7th bedroom in the converted stables!

The bottom line before this came I was only able to get a 2 bar connection which clearly is not ideal when you are trying to run an Internet business.

This was manufactured by a company called Alfa and it bears all the hallmarks of a generic product designed by a small unknown factory in China, I used to import and sell items on eBay, so I recognise this unbranded manufacturing style easily.

This was purchased at the start of March 2012 and unlike many of the electronic products you can buy from China, this one actually works really well. I started with a 2 bar connection and now enjoy a solid 5 bar type G connection consistently.

The installation was a breeze and as Amazon are masters at the upsell I took the USB extender cable option which allows placement of the antenna away from your PC. The adaptor actually comes with a holder and rubber window sucker for use in the car but thanks to that I now have the adaptor attached to the window looking towards the rest of the house.

The software comes on a mini-disc another hallmark of that manufacturing style but my Windows-7 64 bit PC readily accepted both the disc, the software and the USB adaptor without any of the usual Microsoft grumblings.

All in all installation was done in 5 minutes and I was quickly upto a 5 bar connection.

There are of course a multitude of technical specs that you can pore over if you are interested but for those that want to get on here are your key points

    • PC, Linux and Mac 10.4 compatible
    • 802.11G compatible
    • Security is 64/128 WPA, WPA-PSK and WPA II
    • Data Rate, 54Mbps

I would recommend getting the extension cable as even though the original cable is couple of metres long with the extension you are able to optimize your connection with the added freedom it brings, you will see the extension in the Amazon write up.

If you are struggling to get the best connection on your desktop computer or even your laptop then I know from my experience that you will benefit from using this.

Why struggle with a poor or limited connection this is a solution that works and does so really well and as with all of the reviews on this site it is something that I actually use. Thus with that in mind, I recommend you hop over to Amazon and see if this will work its magic on your Internet connection.

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