Working Like an Animal

igorGriffiths March 4, 2012 0

Working like an AnimalIf you have young children or have had the delight of these in summer then you will know what the title relates to.

If not then let me clarify.

During the summer months when we are all pleased to see the return of blue skies and bright sunshine, it is for the children a trigger to get up and start the day, we as parents and grown ups have a different take on the 4am sunrise!

There is no getting away from this beautiful piece of nature, we are still animals at heart, no matter how well dressed or close shaven we eventually develop into after a few moments of rubbing our eyes.

Our internal body clock is aligned with the rising and setting of the sun thus when the sun arises we are at our most alert, although several cups of coffee does help this process.

As Internet marketers we are able to remove ourselves from this cycle thanks to the wonders of internal lighting and for the most part not looking up from our computers. This is where this software comes into its own,  for when it comes time to sleep whether through choice or from that burning sensation in the back of your head, you will get a better nights sleep when your body thinks the sun has set.

The video below illustrates how this software works, unfortunately I was unable to capture the effect using Camtasia so had to go old school with the screen capture. If anyone can explain at what point in the processor cycle screen capture software does its work and how this software is able to avoid being captured I would be grateful.


If the video fails to play, it is a very large video due to the HD Camera recording, click here to watch on YouTube

I first heard about this daily cycle effect on the BBC technology program Click, they reported the findings of research into a fully blind woman whose pupils responded to varying light levels. It turns out there are photorecptors positioned alongside the well known cones and rods, the task of these is to keep the circadian cycle in check with the natural world around us which means that when the sky or screen is blue, our body is programmed to awake and start the daily cycle.

This software is free and you can find out more from the download page below.

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